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American Brand Enterprise’s signature product is the Native Bar. Our All-Natural energy bar is a healthy meal supplement that is actually enjoyable to eat. Our Native Bars are with Organic Ingredients, Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO, High in Fiber, and are made with Organic Sugars. What really makes our bars great isn’t the energy they supply or the hunger fulfillment they provide……it’s the gourmet taste!  Nothing chalkly or no chemical aftertaste.  

When the science of candle making meets our unique artistic techniques, with our passion to deliver clean-label lifestyle products, American Brand Enterprises, candles were born!!  The team at ABE, LLC is excited to introduce our clean label candle line to the world!!   

Our products are American Made, with 100% soy wax, 16 oz. & 8oz in volume, hand-poured and artistically swirled, finished with American cotton wicks, and made in the USA lidded mason jars, in collaboration with a co-manufacturing partner out of the Midwest.  Our specially designed and formulated candles will have approximately a 90/40++ hour burn time and we triple-layer our scent with phthalate-free fragrances for, clean, room-filling, true-to-life fragrance nodes!  Phthalates, or plasticizers, are a category of chemicals commonly used to make plastic and also act as a solvent binding agent in mass-produced candles.  Who wants to inhale those?!   

ABE Candles come with a clean burn guarantee, to kindle efficiently down to the bottom of the jar or we will replace it with another for free.  We believe in our products and work hard sourcing the best ingredients to manufacture the highest quality candles.  

Paper packaging company strategically located in Orlando, Florida. Dedicated to the manufacturing of premium personalized paper cups, containers, tubs, buckets, bowls, boxes, plates, and more. All processes are done in-house and are exploring ways to develop the best eco-friendly disposable cups for the future. USA Manufactured.

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